History and Museum of Knightly civilization and prison memory

museo la castiglia saluzzo
museo della memoria carceraria
carcere saluzzo
la castiglia ristorante

La Castiglia

La Castiglia Reaturant is located in a historical building of the same name, which was once the home of the Marquises of Saluzzo (from around 1175 to 1548) and later following a slow and progressive decline, a prison (active from 1825 to 1992).

Visitors can learn about the history of the Marquisate and the building by visiting the Civiltà Cavalleresca Museum and the Memoria Carceraria Museum. Inside the ancient construction, visitors can also visit the IGAV exhibition and permanent collection, as well as various temporary exhibitions that can be seen throughout the year.

Here, in this place steeped in history and located in the highest part of the old town, you can find our restaurant/cafè. There are two entrances, one in Piazza Castello where the museums are situated and one in via Salita San Lorenzo which leads directly to the restaurant. The interiors are an elegant design of antique and modern. Centuries-old vaults are matched with contemporary creations in wrought iron.

As you enter, you find the bar area which is in iron worked by artisans and leads through to the restaurant with its traditional tablecloths and antique flavoured furnishings. In the guards tower, there is a secluded dining room furnished with a large round table which provides the perfect solution for any occasion which requires a tranquil and exclusive space.
You will be welcomed by Chef Luca Banchio and his staff.